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While I'm only semi familiar with Mr. Tarr's previous films- I am however familiar with the style that is apparently present in all of his films- long formal takes of very deliberate and precise actions set to a mournful, apocalyptic mood creating a slowly paced to the point of hypnotizing aura about the film.) so I knew thankfully what i was getting into when i decided to check this out. I thought it was honestly just OK as a film, however as a point for non Tarr fans to check his style out it would probably serve as a solid primer. The story (what story there is) is about this older couple trying to survive a week in their little run down shack while a storm rages outside. The structure of the movie is that you see the husband and wife get up and perform the exact same tasks with each passing day- they get up, she gets water from the well and boils potatoes, he shovels manure and chops wood, repeat again and again. Because the two of them work together- they're both able to survive the very windy storm happening outside the shack- in fact there is a significant amount of wind in this movie- reminds me of that one "Mad About You' episode where guest star Yoko Ono has Paul Resier trying to film the wind- and wondering how do you film wind- just wind. (yes this was an actual episode! Paul would've learned by watching this i think!
While i think i understood the larger meaning (the breakdown of society/civilization/humanity that can happen because of a current crisis- or is it happening before the crisis itself. it doesn't make it easier to watch the same actions happen as you watch scene after scene after scene of the exact same thing happening with little varying difference. (The two sequences that feature huge differences however are quite funny tho- i might have been the only one in the theater to do so, but i did laugh out loud at the whole sequence of the gypsies wandering onto the old couple's premises and the husband's reaction to this unwanted trespass) While i liked how the two of them work together creating a rather nice system- the 2 of them have a very nice system worked out that once the crisis passes goes completely out of whack leading to well the ending- which leads me to wonder just what the couple's relationship was like before this windstorm came passing thru.
I think longtime fans of Tarr may be disappointed in that there doesn't seem to be anything earth shattering happening here- but maybe that's exactly what longtime fans of his want. I feel its actually a bit of a comedown from "The Man From Nowhere" which tried to merge Tarr's style to a classic noir story at least, from what i understand (and could make through) Satantango- this seems to be more rigidly in line with what people expect from him. While the film is as beautifully shot as you could possibly want a gorgeous black and white movie to be (that opening sequence with the horse is a real beauty) after a while i think you either have to roll with it and wait until the final day happens (and the implications that the final day brings with it) or decide to mentally check out completely. (if you do decide to mentally check out, at least have the good sense to wait until after the nice drunken monologue delivered by a friend or passerby who comes through, drinks, and delivers a rather scathing critique on humanity might not be much in the larger sense of the film but its a pretty accurate portrayal of a drunk guy's rambling...

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