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USA. Christine Turner. genre=Documentary. Runtime=51 m. Ratings=8,8 / 10

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Tomatometer: 8,1 of 10 Stars. 2015. Country: USA. Alberto Portillo. review: Yesenia, the leader of an secret VIP Party Service, faces the consequences of the world she created

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runtime - 92M / 5,6 / 10 star / year - 1976 / Score - 569 Votes / Stars - Stacy Keach

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resume=Einari's childhood could have been like that of any other Finnish boy, but everything changed when his father was enlightened and started communicating with light beings from Outer Space Country=Finland Star=Veikko Paakkanen Creator=Einari Paakkanen Runtime=1 H 20 M

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Cast - Dewald Aukema
rating - 20 votes
abstract - A small opera company gathers together to celebrate the wedding of one's sister with a performance of the opera, Donizetta. Her brother takes her new husband, a rich American tenor, will donate cash to save the failing troupe. The only problem is the woman really loves another singer in the troupe. The film attempts to look at how relationships within an acting company forms while they are on the road

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Documentary. Tomatometer 7,7 / 10 Star. 2009. Runtime 58 Minute. Audience score 25 Votes

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Directors: Renee Green Country: USA genre: Documentary Actor: Thomas A. Wolf

Theatrical Down River

Promotional documentary television special filmed at the London East End Docklands area and River Thames for the filming of the opening boat chase for _World Is Not Enough, The (1999)_; Rob Done; Release year: 2000; 35 Vote; star: Dave Bickers

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rating - 7,8 of 10 star A.J. Weberman Writer - Oliver Ralfe genre - Documentary resume - Ballad of AJ Weberman is a movie starring A.J. Weberman. Documentary chronicles the life and crimes of notorious Bob Dylan obsessive and Garbology inventor A.J Weberman

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  • genres: Drama
  • Philippe Lebas
  • 1980
  • liked It: 104 Votes
  • runtime: 1 H 40 min

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Vince DiCola

Tomatometers: 7,5 / 10

description: Rocky IV: le coup de poing américain is a TV movie starring Peter Biskind, Robert Chartoff, and Franco Columbu. The movie Rocky IV tells the story of the victory of the American boxer over a Soviet opponent. Deep down, it's also

Genres: Documentary

country: France

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Country Poland Story of the mental and emotional crisis of a burned out film director, reduced to doing video commercials and an occasional short. Adam, the director, has never been exactly lovable: his wife have left him, and at mid-life he does not have much to look forward to. He has a way-out musician friend who plays strangely on a bass. The two men converse about life and death and the meaning of existence. At the end Adam kills himself with sleeping pills and the musician listens to all his old tapes release date 1978 genres Drama directed by Witold Leszczynski

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Creator Rafael Flores / duration 57minute / Country USA / director Rafael Flores

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Runtime: 75 m. Release year: 2017. Drama

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Genres=Documentary 73 vote Jim Collier, Larry Johnson Runtime=63M director=Lionel Rogosin

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genres: Documentary 2018 Director: Orlando Eastwood

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  1. cast=Charles Clover
  2. Genre=Documentary
  3. Writed by=Charles Clover
  4. Release Year=2009
  5. duration=1 H, 25 Minute

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Documentary duration: 52m Stars: Diane Bonnot countries: France

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runtime - 61 M audience score - 16 vote casts - Raymond Scott writers - Michael Jason Allen directors - Michael Jason Allen